Contributor Guidelines

I appreciate thoughtful contributions to this website. To have your submission considered for publishing please adhere to the policies as presented below:

  • Sites Purpose: All contributions must pertain to the sites purpose; Tips, First-Hand Experience, Research and Reviews related to all aspects of a heathly and stress-free lifestyle. The focus is on family friendly and orientated content.
  • Submissions Review: Contributions must be saved as a pending draft for review prior to publishing.
  • Use of WordPress: Contributors must be familiar with contributing articles on WordPress. Please submit all questions regarding the use of WordPress via my Contact Page.
  • Spelling and Grammar: Contributors are required to have there articles edited by an associate of their own for spelling, grammar and punctuations. Articles with occurring errors or that don’t represent the professional standard of this website may not be published.
  • Submissions Style: All contributions must follow the format of the the inheritant  theme. Please do not change font style size or color without prior authorization. Headings may be H1 or H2.
  • Images and Links: Images must copyright and royalty free. Maximum of 3 images per post. All images must have title and alternate description. Links must be properly formed as according to Lorelle VanFossen, What is a Properly Formed Link.
  • Integrity of Content: If you are presenting something as a fact or citing a resource or fact, make sure you have thoroughly investigated the source’s source and the information. Adhere to Copyright laws as seen Lorelle VanFossen’s article, Copyright: How to Quote and Site Sources. Articles are subject to removal if the information presented is primarily hearsay  or unfounded.



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